Sunday, July 19, 2015

Last days in APAN

¡¡¡Hola familia!!!
Como estan? espero que esta carta les encuentre a todos con bién.
Well, what new has happened this week? I am still in Apan, and this week will most likely be my last here. It gets really hot in the day, but only because of the sun. But it rains a lot of nights, which I love. Even though this would be considered like a high desert climate, we get a lot of rain. Which is something that apparently is needed there! Yikes. Just pray to send the storms up north, I guess. We are walking a lot, because even though I have taught my companion to ride a bike, he still gets nervous. And my shoes are getting well worn in, hahaha.
Also, I don´t know if you´ve heard about Hermana Laguna, but she finished her mission here soon after I arrived. She started term at BYU, and has recently disappeared. It made national news in Mexico. So, president Egbert asked us to fast as a mission that she would be alright. If any of you hear updates on that, that would be great.
I have grown to love the people here. I have learned to not get frustrated when people have their faults, especially with the members. The point of the gospel is that we can overcome our weeknesses and look towards our divine potential. As was said in conference, going to church is like going to the hospital. We all have sicknesses and need to be healed.
 We had another baptism this week for Isabel! She´s great. She has really experienced a change in her life since coming to know the gospel. She has been setting an example for her family who at first weren´t interested in the church but recently have opened up to us a bit more. We shall see what happens with them! Actually her cousin, Michelle, is wanting to get baptized this weekend! So, keep her in your prayers please!
I am thankful for all the support that I´m getting from all of you. Have a great week!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Martin


Well, there isn´t much to say here. It was really great getting to talk to everyone yesterday! Shout out to Mom for being the best ever! I love you mom! 

I officially got the call saying that tomorrow I have transfers. So that will be interesting seeing as I have yet to change my area. But I will let you all know how it goes! Also, next week my P-day will be on Tuesday because Elder Bednar will be giving us his special conference address on Monday :) I am so excited!

We had another baptism last saturday for Michelle, who after a long time of being hesitant to be baptized, told us on monday that she wanted to get baptized this Saturday! It was great.

Gotta go. Sorry, trying to catch up on emailing people. I am really grateful for everyone that is supporting me. I am a lucky fellow. Have a great week! Go fight win!

Con amor, 

Elder Martin
 Kade's other mother: Sister Egbert who is just amazing!

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