Sunday, January 10, 2016

December 2015

¡Hola Familia!

Well, first, it was great to see everyone this past week. It seems very much like everybody is more or less the same, or hopefully improving every day! That´s good. 

This past week has been great! We found a wonderful, whole family who is excited to learn more about the gospel. They came to church and we are having a FHE with them today. There are a lot of people we tried to find, a lot of walking, a lot of people weren´t home, but it was nice to feel the Spirit of the season and embrace the Savior in our lives even more. I hope that we can continue with these feelings always, so that we may utilize the Atonement that will cause a change in each of  us. 

There isn´t too much to say then. I love you all! Keep on kicking! Happy New Year! I will send pictures someday! 

Con amor, Elder Martin


Hola, familia! 

First, don´t be alarmed, all is well, but I wasn´t able to email yesterday due to technical difficulties on the myldsmail page. Nobody was able to write. 

But it has been another great week! We had our ward christmas activity and a junk ton of investigators and other non members came. Lots of people that we are teaching have gone out of town and stuff, so it has been a little out of pace this week, but still with a lot to do. 

Ok, so I will be contacting you guys on skype on Friday! Super excited! I will be phoning in at 6 o'clock YOUR TIME (7'oclock here), and anybody who would like to be there is more than welcome. Obviously, the gparents have other grandkids out, so I totally understand. 

ugh, well, I had a nice thought planned out about the meaning of Christmas, but there really isn´t time. However, I want you all to recognize the importance of our Savior Jesucristo in our lives. He is the center of the plan for our salvation. Even though he was born to this world in a humble stable because there wasn´t room in any of the inns, He later went on to conquer both spiritual and physical death so that we might live lives full of hope and peace. May we all make room for Him in our lives and accept His atoning sacrifice so that we can change ourselves and conquer our everyday challenges. I know and testify that He lives and loves every one of us. I have both seen and experienced the power of the Atonement in my life. When we focus on this, we can have Christmas in its truest sense every day! That is what the mission has been like -- like Christmas every day (but away from my family and with a serious lack of pumpkin pie). But it´s seriously true. I am so grateful for this opportunity! 

Nos vemos el viernes. ¡Les amo!

-Elder Martin

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fall in Tecnologico Pachuca

Time passes quickly, and Elder Martin is loving his assignment in the Tecnologico area of Pachuca! He has been there since August and is presently serving as a zone leader. Their apartment has an extra room to host new missionaries and they are fairly close to the mission home. He really loves his ward family and those he serves with. Here are some photos and letters from November going backwards to September. His letters make us smile.
                                Baptism of JUAN PIO and son ALAN

¡Hola familia! ¡Hola familia!

I am glad to hear that Thanksgiving went well for everyone. Is there a lot of snow yet? I miss the snow, and everyone thinks I´m crazy because I am prefer colder weather.

I am doing very well as usual here, and I can really say that time is flying. I´ll be home in like 9 months!. I´ve been teaching and serving, and lately we´ve had to leave behind a few of our investigators who can´t commit to getting married (even after being together for like 20 years), but it´s ok because the family that got baptized a couple of weeks ago, is thriving. I think their next step will be getting sealed and then called as general authorities. They´re golden!

What else? Oh, we sort of had Thanksgiving this year! We coordinated with a family in the ward and a few missionaries, and it was pretty fun. Not the same, but fun. 

This week we have another zone training meeting to coordinate. And lots of work! haha. 

Well, that´s about it for the moment! Have a great week everyone! We´re already in December! ay que caramba.

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Martin

¡Hola, familia mía!

I will just get down to it. Yesterday we were able to finally have a baptism for Juan pio and his son, Alan. It was so great and they are so happy. It has been an incredible journey finding and teaching them, and it`s really satisfying to know that the Lord oversees this work. They are ready to endure to the end, and it reminds me that we are all protected as long as we are loyal and faithful to the covenants we make with our Heavenly Father. I am happy every day for the opportunity to be serving as a missionary, and I know that I am being blessed. 

Things are going pretty well here, we just had a zonewide conference (almost all of the missionaries in Pachuca), which is a special meeting that we have every 3 months in the mission. President Egbert and a few others shared their thoughts and taught. My companion and I also had to prepare a presentation and teach for a while, which was really fun. Anyway, It was great to be edified and to learn and I am excited to keep working and finding people.

What else? I bought some new pants today, and I also received a wedding invitacion from sacia and a letter from the YW in ward. Tell them thanks! 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Martin

"Beautiful Mexico" 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

One year down! AUGUST 2015

Here are some great letters and pictures from August 2015. Elder Martin is half way through his mission and loving it! Letters are in order from recent to earlier this month. We sure love getting these! If you want to write, his email address is


Elder Martin is now right in Pachuca with Elder Rubio. They have new assignments as ZONE leaders. Below: a recently painted neighborhood in their city and the Pachuca zone with Elder and Sister Egbert


¡Hola familia!                                                                                                        Aug  17

Pues, ha sido una semana loca pero también era otra oportunidad de progresar y aprender nuevas cosas y por eso estoy agradecido. Now, let´s see if Google can translate that!

Before I get into everything, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY first, to my papá Mike, and later to my favorite grandpas in the world, JR and Dave. What can I say. You´re all getting old! Hahaha but you all still look young, don´t worry. Later, Happy Anniversary to my favorite sister, Erika, and her husband Jordan. That´s still weird to think about, but I am SO happy for you guys! Also, this isn´t actually an anniversary, but 1 year from this day (August 17-don´t forget it and leave me alone in the airport), I will be coming home. I technically have until september 3rd until I have a year in the mission, but because of the way transfers are scheduled, I technically only have 1 year left starting today. AND I DONT LIKE IT! Time just passes by way too fast. But it will be nice to be home as well. 

Well, this has been a crazy week. I went on exchanges in Loreto (mom, where Elder Jeppesen started his mission) and it is super crazy there. It´s up on the mountain in the center of Pachuca, and the whole thing is super steep and crazy. Even the roads are super narrow in order to cope with the slope. It was a thigh burner day, but it is super beautiful there. Today, we just had our zone activity that we had to plan which was stressful, but I really enjoyed it and it was really awesome. Sister Egbert gave us a theme that we had to follow this time for some reason, which was physical fitness and health, but we made it super fun and did lots of obstacle courses and stuff. I am sore! And we have a Zone Conference that we have to plan before thursday and it´s stressful and the work simply never ends. But I am really grateful for these opportunities I have to learn. 

Well, we are working with the Alvarado family to become baptized. They are a very humble family with three kids. The parents have never gotten married and are afraid to, but we are trying to help them see that things really won´t change after sealing the deal legally. Anyway, they are really great and it has been cool to see their growth throughout this time that I have been here. 

It´s raining right now which is nice. It gets hot in the days. But not arid, it´s more like Bear Lake hot because really all it is is the sun burning you because it´s strong. we´re way up in altitude. But you gotta count your blessings, because it´s not humid. Wish me luck this week! I hope you all are keepin´ on in life, and living the dream! I love you all! 

"The Lord knows what He wants to accomplish with each one of us." (Rafael E. Pino, April 2015 General conference) May we all trust in His perfect plan and  try to become who we are really  meant to be through his redeeming and perfect Atonement. It means we have to change some things in our lives, but it also means a better future. 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Martin

Hey all! 

As you know, this week I had transfers. I was really sad to leave all of the people and Teotihuacan in general. I really enjoyed it there, but change happens and there´s nothing to do but embrace it and move on. Now, I am in Pachuca! It is soo awesome. My area is called Tecnologico 1 and I am with Elder Rubio, who is from Mexico. He´s a champ; he was in my first district there in Apan. He was working in the next city over so I got to know him and yeah long story short we´re already good friends! And.... we are zone leaders. Yao. It was unexpected receiving this assignment, but I am slowly getting adjusted to the additional responsibility. Basically, for almost every stake there is a zone of missionaries. In our zone, there are 3 districts and 21 missionaries, and more than half of them are sister missionaries. That will be interesting, because I have never really worked with them before, but we´ll see how it goes. We are in charge of these missionaries and we help them in quite a lot of ways. Our zone is called Pachuca Mexico by the way. So to wrap that all up, I am excited, surprised, nervous, and stoked to be here! 

Oh, and I had to laugh when you guessed "inner city". Actually, Pachuca is really beautiful. It´s not too ghetto and it´s nestled at the foot of some stellar mountains.

Jackie is home! That is so exciting. And Evan, too! Tell them I say hola. 

Life is busy and I have got to go! But I love you all very much and hope you have a superb week.

-Elder Martin


Pues primero, I dont really have time. I have transfers tomorrow! I am really upset because I love the people and this area SO MUCH. We even have a baptism coming up this weekend for an awesome investigator, but alas. The Lord´s will and not mine. Changes in life kind of stink sometimes, but they are admitedly necessary.

This week we cast out a bad spirit! That was interesting. I also got to see the baptism of Maria de Jesus. She´s a champ, and really excited to be a member. 

WEll, more to come next week! I love you all very much and I will keep you updated.

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Martin