Tuesday, March 31, 2015

GeTTing ComFortaBle!

Elder Martin was convinced he was getting transferred last month. Instead, the couple missionaries, (the Cano's) and his companion were transferred out :( and he received a new greenie to train. Elder Martin and his new comp will still be assisting the branch president with their little congregation in Apan a lot. He loves it there. Kade has asked for ideas on FHE, ward activities, and lessons in general. Most of the members there are new, so simple is best. If you have ideas, send them his way! His new comp is Elder Semano from Veracruz, Mexico. He speaks perfect spanish and is a trained contemporary/jazz dancer. I wonder if Kade has shown him his Napolean Dynamite dance moves yet? Together, I'm sure they could be very entertaining. I mean, who wouldn't listen to a couple of dancing missionaries? Especially after they have eaten mangos dipped in hot sauce................

Now the good stuff...here are some things Elder Martin has written in his letters dating from the last of February and thru the month of March!
"THIS WEEK has gone by so fast and I don't even know how. On Thurs we had zone conference and there were 4 people randomly selected to give talks and I happened to be just one of them! It was really intimidating to address the President and all the missionaries but I think it went well. It was on the     "little things". I love zone conference because I learn so much and get to talk to all the missionaries because we are like a family. Anyway, afterwards, I said goodbye to President and as I walked away he called to me and told me he liked my talk, making the stress worth it. 
The best thing this week was that our champion Nefi was baptized. Later, a sister in our ward/branch had a little surprise going away party for all of us. But, Yeah, Nefi is only 9 but super smart and has absorbed the gospel principles. It has been amazing to see that example he has set to the other members of his family as he has decided to follow Christ and do all the right things. He's definitely going on a mission. Just sayin."
"Allright, we found out I am not transferring. I have been here 4 months so I figured I would be leaving, but it will be nice to continue working with the people here. I am nervous to train because I just finished training myself and am in no way ready to train another missionary. But we shall see how it goes. 
I received more letters this week from Walkers, Eliason kids, and Jackie. Remember the "little things" are challenges that the Lord gives us to prove us worthy of blessings and increased responsibility. So, we certainly need to try and be obedient with EXACTNESS AND WITHOUT EXCUSES. It's that simple. D&C 64:33-34."

smashed in the car one last time riding back to Apan with the Cano's after Zone Conference.
"President Andrew Egbert and his wife Salli Kae Egbert. Also known as the most awesome people ever"
"OH, did I tell you I am convinced I am in the best mission on the planet?"
*Catch the Egberts blog for all missionaries and their friends and families at www.mexicopachucaldsmission.blogspot  They do a great job!
"My new comp is Elder Semano from Veracruz. He is cool and I am glad he speaks the language. Saying goodbye to my old comp and the Cano's was TOUGH! I have been with the Cano's the whole time I have been here! I shed a tear but only ONE or TWO. JAJA. I was overwhelmed and stressed to train but I prayed and prayed for strength, inspiration, and comfort and have felt these things given to me. It is such a good reminder you are never alone, especially in the work of the Lord. There are a lot of great people here, investigators and members alike." 
We are finding people to teach through service. For example, we saw a woman painting her door and found out she was an inactive member for years. She invited us in and we met her daughter who is not a member. The woman told us how she felt when baptized. We will keep visiting them."
The missionaries met Laura, one of their investigators who was just baptized when Kade first arrived in APAN. "We are baptizing Laura this Saturday!  We met her though her sister in law and she asked if I could help her study English because she was worried about her exam to determine whether or not she would graduate college. She did well on her exam and became interested in our religion. Turns out she had been searching spiritually in her life. She was quick to understand the commandments and apply them in her life. She has felt the spirit strong and I have no doubt she will be a strong member forever! Keep her in your prayers! So isn't that awesome? We found this awesome girl months ago through service and now she is a member de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. "

"I got to attend a leadership training meeting with all the district leaders. That is what was on the mission blog. It was great! I learned a lot and had American food prepared by Sister Egbert! And there were a lot of homies there too like Elders Jeppesen and Zeledon. 
1 Nephi 20:10 states For behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.
WE can apply this so many ways in our lives. The Lord permits us to have trials and to have "hard things" in our lives so we can learn from them and be prepared to fulfill HIS plans for us. He always loves us and is here for us. Challenges really are opportunities for us!"
More photos!!! Right:
Closing down the Cano's house with the district leaders. Sis Egbert made us french toast. It was so awesome! Below: Friends and old companions I got to see at the big meetings! :)

 Elder Martin has more great stories about people he is meeting and teaching. Carlos is one of them We will share his story next time since we are running long! Elder Martin is definitely loving his mission, working hard, studying, teaching,  and learning a lot! He is also helping others. We are glad for him and grateful for his example to us, efforts, sacrifice and hard work!
As always, thanks for your support and love!

Friendly Mailing Reminders
Please follow the guideline encouraged below as we had several packages rejected this week for many reasons... 
  • Please put the value of what is in the package/box under $49 US Dollars no matter the value. You may insure it for the cost of shipping too and when you make a claim for a lost package it usually shows up immediately.
  • If you put the value HIGHER than $49 there is a higher probability that they will charge fees for the box to be delivered which can run up to $100's of US dollars. We will NOT pay it even if your missionary has money and it will be rejected at the office or prior to delivery to the office.
  • Christmas Time is always a special time and though your missionary says "I don't need anything" or "I will buy myself something here" it is NOT the same as receiving a box from home. Please arrange on your calendar to have your holiday box sent by October 15th- November 1st. And mark it as such for we can store it for the holiday devotionals. We always encourage you to put pictures or stickers of Christ or the Virgin Mary as they tend to leave those alone. 
  • Please be very VAGUE on the packaging slip. DO NOT PUT "FOOD" as a listed item. "Candy" is better.... they won't deliver boxes with "FOOD" listed especially if it comes from DHL, UPS, etc.... They request we come down and open the box and go through every item with them which we cannot do. So we reject the box.
  • Use the Postal Service if possible- we have better luck in delivery though it can take from 3-6 weeks avg. for delivery.
  • And as always there are those boxes that never arrive. We apologize but we appreciate your efforts and so do your missionaries as it means a lot that you tried. We try to keep the attitude that if it is stolen in the process that who ever took it needed it way more than we did here in Pachuca and maybe their birthday or holiday was brighter because of that box. But 95% of them actually do arrive here safely. 
  • The address for mailing is:
  •  Mision Mexico Pachuca
  • %Elder or Hermana _____________ 
  • Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo Km 4.5
  • Col. Villas de Pachuca
  • CP 42083- Pachuca- Hidalgo, Mexico

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