Sunday, August 30, 2015

One year down! AUGUST 2015

Here are some great letters and pictures from August 2015. Elder Martin is half way through his mission and loving it! Letters are in order from recent to earlier this month. We sure love getting these! If you want to write, his email address is


Elder Martin is now right in Pachuca with Elder Rubio. They have new assignments as ZONE leaders. Below: a recently painted neighborhood in their city and the Pachuca zone with Elder and Sister Egbert


¡Hola familia!                                                                                                        Aug  17

Pues, ha sido una semana loca pero también era otra oportunidad de progresar y aprender nuevas cosas y por eso estoy agradecido. Now, let´s see if Google can translate that!

Before I get into everything, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY first, to my papá Mike, and later to my favorite grandpas in the world, JR and Dave. What can I say. You´re all getting old! Hahaha but you all still look young, don´t worry. Later, Happy Anniversary to my favorite sister, Erika, and her husband Jordan. That´s still weird to think about, but I am SO happy for you guys! Also, this isn´t actually an anniversary, but 1 year from this day (August 17-don´t forget it and leave me alone in the airport), I will be coming home. I technically have until september 3rd until I have a year in the mission, but because of the way transfers are scheduled, I technically only have 1 year left starting today. AND I DONT LIKE IT! Time just passes by way too fast. But it will be nice to be home as well. 

Well, this has been a crazy week. I went on exchanges in Loreto (mom, where Elder Jeppesen started his mission) and it is super crazy there. It´s up on the mountain in the center of Pachuca, and the whole thing is super steep and crazy. Even the roads are super narrow in order to cope with the slope. It was a thigh burner day, but it is super beautiful there. Today, we just had our zone activity that we had to plan which was stressful, but I really enjoyed it and it was really awesome. Sister Egbert gave us a theme that we had to follow this time for some reason, which was physical fitness and health, but we made it super fun and did lots of obstacle courses and stuff. I am sore! And we have a Zone Conference that we have to plan before thursday and it´s stressful and the work simply never ends. But I am really grateful for these opportunities I have to learn. 

Well, we are working with the Alvarado family to become baptized. They are a very humble family with three kids. The parents have never gotten married and are afraid to, but we are trying to help them see that things really won´t change after sealing the deal legally. Anyway, they are really great and it has been cool to see their growth throughout this time that I have been here. 

It´s raining right now which is nice. It gets hot in the days. But not arid, it´s more like Bear Lake hot because really all it is is the sun burning you because it´s strong. we´re way up in altitude. But you gotta count your blessings, because it´s not humid. Wish me luck this week! I hope you all are keepin´ on in life, and living the dream! I love you all! 

"The Lord knows what He wants to accomplish with each one of us." (Rafael E. Pino, April 2015 General conference) May we all trust in His perfect plan and  try to become who we are really  meant to be through his redeeming and perfect Atonement. It means we have to change some things in our lives, but it also means a better future. 

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Martin

Hey all! 

As you know, this week I had transfers. I was really sad to leave all of the people and Teotihuacan in general. I really enjoyed it there, but change happens and there´s nothing to do but embrace it and move on. Now, I am in Pachuca! It is soo awesome. My area is called Tecnologico 1 and I am with Elder Rubio, who is from Mexico. He´s a champ; he was in my first district there in Apan. He was working in the next city over so I got to know him and yeah long story short we´re already good friends! And.... we are zone leaders. Yao. It was unexpected receiving this assignment, but I am slowly getting adjusted to the additional responsibility. Basically, for almost every stake there is a zone of missionaries. In our zone, there are 3 districts and 21 missionaries, and more than half of them are sister missionaries. That will be interesting, because I have never really worked with them before, but we´ll see how it goes. We are in charge of these missionaries and we help them in quite a lot of ways. Our zone is called Pachuca Mexico by the way. So to wrap that all up, I am excited, surprised, nervous, and stoked to be here! 

Oh, and I had to laugh when you guessed "inner city". Actually, Pachuca is really beautiful. It´s not too ghetto and it´s nestled at the foot of some stellar mountains.

Jackie is home! That is so exciting. And Evan, too! Tell them I say hola. 

Life is busy and I have got to go! But I love you all very much and hope you have a superb week.

-Elder Martin


Pues primero, I dont really have time. I have transfers tomorrow! I am really upset because I love the people and this area SO MUCH. We even have a baptism coming up this weekend for an awesome investigator, but alas. The Lord´s will and not mine. Changes in life kind of stink sometimes, but they are admitedly necessary.

This week we cast out a bad spirit! That was interesting. I also got to see the baptism of Maria de Jesus. She´s a champ, and really excited to be a member. 

WEll, more to come next week! I love you all very much and I will keep you updated.

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Martin


Sunday, July 19, 2015

my new area...TEOTIHUACAN! as in the ancient pyramids!


Ok so first things first. I'm the reallist! You probably won't get that reference.

Guess where my new area is?? TEOTIHUACAN!!! Yes, teotihuacan as in the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan. Literally, I bike past them every day to get to a different part of our area. Which means that our area is really big and there is a lot of biking. But I actually like it, except the roads are all really old around the pyramids so they're cobblestoned which is not comfortable to bike on. Anyway, is that crazy or what? It is really beautiful here and there are lots of trees, flowers, nice restaurants, etc.I am here as a district leader with Elder Gutierrez who just finished his training. I'm really excited to be working with him! He is awesome. Just a sidenote, if anybody casually decides to take a weekend trip to see the pyramids and learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, you will probably run into me. JAJAJA!

Other big news which isn't really news, but Elder Bednar CAME TO MISSION MEXICO PACHUCA!!! It was a missionwide conference and totally awesome. Few got to personally meet him, but it doesn't matter because the experience was unforgettable. I testify that he is an apostle of God and that God calls His prophets and apostles to help proclaim His will on the earth. What a powerful "talk" he gave. He talked about learning by faith and becoming better disciples of Christ and lots of other things. It was quite interactive- he asked questions for us to respond and later we asked him questions. There were a couple that I had but didn't have the chance to ask, but other missionaries it turns out had the lot of the same questions, so mine were answered.He came with the area president of mexico, a general seventy named De Hoyos. And they chose to only visit 5 missions in Mexico, and we were one of them! So it was just them and us 190 missionaries. It was crazy! I will never be able to forget it. 

I am learning a lot of things on the mission here, especially about how I can personally change to improve. It is through the miracle of the Atonement that we can actually do this. Without the Lord's help, we will not be able to affect a permanent change in our lives and so it is important that we seek His help in our daily lives. I have seen time and time again the difference that the Gospel makes in people's lives when they apply the things they learn. I invite everyone back home to think and act on how they can apply this principle a little more in their lives this week.

Well, I hope this finds everybody well and that you all have great weeks! Love you all and thanks for the support!

Con amor, 

Elder Martin
 Elder Kade Martins view from the 3rd floor of his apartment. Hot airballoons going ove the teotihuacan pyramids.
Hola familia!

Well, this is going to be short again because I keep having to leave to throw up, but I hope that at least it finds everybody well and healthy. Sorry to all those whom I haven´t responded to, it will have to wait until next week. I think it must have been food poisoning, and contrary to the norm, I got it worse than my companion.

It sounds like things are going well back home. Congrats on the job dad, and Happy Fathers Day, ya old fart! You´re going to be 50 in two months, just to remind you. And Happy Birthday, Parker! You are finally dateable. The only question is whether or not they will say yes...  

To be brief, I am happy! This week we had our baptism for Daniela, an intellegent 11 year old who comes from a less active family. With a lot of patience, we were able to help her progress to be baptized! There were cambio announcements today. Ah transfers, sorry. Anyway, my companion is leaving and I will still be here. It makes me a little sad because he was a good companion and also because I´m only familiar with like half the towns in our area so I am not quite sure how it will all work out. Faith! 

That´s all I got. Lovee

Con mucho amor, 

Elder Martin

Last days in APAN

¡¡¡Hola familia!!!
Como estan? espero que esta carta les encuentre a todos con bién.
Well, what new has happened this week? I am still in Apan, and this week will most likely be my last here. It gets really hot in the day, but only because of the sun. But it rains a lot of nights, which I love. Even though this would be considered like a high desert climate, we get a lot of rain. Which is something that apparently is needed there! Yikes. Just pray to send the storms up north, I guess. We are walking a lot, because even though I have taught my companion to ride a bike, he still gets nervous. And my shoes are getting well worn in, hahaha.
Also, I don´t know if you´ve heard about Hermana Laguna, but she finished her mission here soon after I arrived. She started term at BYU, and has recently disappeared. It made national news in Mexico. So, president Egbert asked us to fast as a mission that she would be alright. If any of you hear updates on that, that would be great.
I have grown to love the people here. I have learned to not get frustrated when people have their faults, especially with the members. The point of the gospel is that we can overcome our weeknesses and look towards our divine potential. As was said in conference, going to church is like going to the hospital. We all have sicknesses and need to be healed.
 We had another baptism this week for Isabel! She´s great. She has really experienced a change in her life since coming to know the gospel. She has been setting an example for her family who at first weren´t interested in the church but recently have opened up to us a bit more. We shall see what happens with them! Actually her cousin, Michelle, is wanting to get baptized this weekend! So, keep her in your prayers please!
I am thankful for all the support that I´m getting from all of you. Have a great week!
Con mucho amor,
Elder Martin


Well, there isn´t much to say here. It was really great getting to talk to everyone yesterday! Shout out to Mom for being the best ever! I love you mom! 

I officially got the call saying that tomorrow I have transfers. So that will be interesting seeing as I have yet to change my area. But I will let you all know how it goes! Also, next week my P-day will be on Tuesday because Elder Bednar will be giving us his special conference address on Monday :) I am so excited!

We had another baptism last saturday for Michelle, who after a long time of being hesitant to be baptized, told us on monday that she wanted to get baptized this Saturday! It was great.

Gotta go. Sorry, trying to catch up on emailing people. I am really grateful for everyone that is supporting me. I am a lucky fellow. Have a great week! Go fight win!

Con amor, 

Elder Martin
 Kade's other mother: Sister Egbert who is just amazing!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

GeTTing ComFortaBle!

Elder Martin was convinced he was getting transferred last month. Instead, the couple missionaries, (the Cano's) and his companion were transferred out :( and he received a new greenie to train. Elder Martin and his new comp will still be assisting the branch president with their little congregation in Apan a lot. He loves it there. Kade has asked for ideas on FHE, ward activities, and lessons in general. Most of the members there are new, so simple is best. If you have ideas, send them his way! His new comp is Elder Semano from Veracruz, Mexico. He speaks perfect spanish and is a trained contemporary/jazz dancer. I wonder if Kade has shown him his Napolean Dynamite dance moves yet? Together, I'm sure they could be very entertaining. I mean, who wouldn't listen to a couple of dancing missionaries? Especially after they have eaten mangos dipped in hot sauce................

Now the good are some things Elder Martin has written in his letters dating from the last of February and thru the month of March!
"THIS WEEK has gone by so fast and I don't even know how. On Thurs we had zone conference and there were 4 people randomly selected to give talks and I happened to be just one of them! It was really intimidating to address the President and all the missionaries but I think it went well. It was on the     "little things". I love zone conference because I learn so much and get to talk to all the missionaries because we are like a family. Anyway, afterwards, I said goodbye to President and as I walked away he called to me and told me he liked my talk, making the stress worth it. 
The best thing this week was that our champion Nefi was baptized. Later, a sister in our ward/branch had a little surprise going away party for all of us. But, Yeah, Nefi is only 9 but super smart and has absorbed the gospel principles. It has been amazing to see that example he has set to the other members of his family as he has decided to follow Christ and do all the right things. He's definitely going on a mission. Just sayin."
"Allright, we found out I am not transferring. I have been here 4 months so I figured I would be leaving, but it will be nice to continue working with the people here. I am nervous to train because I just finished training myself and am in no way ready to train another missionary. But we shall see how it goes. 
I received more letters this week from Walkers, Eliason kids, and Jackie. Remember the "little things" are challenges that the Lord gives us to prove us worthy of blessings and increased responsibility. So, we certainly need to try and be obedient with EXACTNESS AND WITHOUT EXCUSES. It's that simple. D&C 64:33-34."

smashed in the car one last time riding back to Apan with the Cano's after Zone Conference.
"President Andrew Egbert and his wife Salli Kae Egbert. Also known as the most awesome people ever"
"OH, did I tell you I am convinced I am in the best mission on the planet?"
*Catch the Egberts blog for all missionaries and their friends and families at www.mexicopachucaldsmission.blogspot  They do a great job!
"My new comp is Elder Semano from Veracruz. He is cool and I am glad he speaks the language. Saying goodbye to my old comp and the Cano's was TOUGH! I have been with the Cano's the whole time I have been here! I shed a tear but only ONE or TWO. JAJA. I was overwhelmed and stressed to train but I prayed and prayed for strength, inspiration, and comfort and have felt these things given to me. It is such a good reminder you are never alone, especially in the work of the Lord. There are a lot of great people here, investigators and members alike." 
We are finding people to teach through service. For example, we saw a woman painting her door and found out she was an inactive member for years. She invited us in and we met her daughter who is not a member. The woman told us how she felt when baptized. We will keep visiting them."
The missionaries met Laura, one of their investigators who was just baptized when Kade first arrived in APAN. "We are baptizing Laura this Saturday!  We met her though her sister in law and she asked if I could help her study English because she was worried about her exam to determine whether or not she would graduate college. She did well on her exam and became interested in our religion. Turns out she had been searching spiritually in her life. She was quick to understand the commandments and apply them in her life. She has felt the spirit strong and I have no doubt she will be a strong member forever! Keep her in your prayers! So isn't that awesome? We found this awesome girl months ago through service and now she is a member de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. "

"I got to attend a leadership training meeting with all the district leaders. That is what was on the mission blog. It was great! I learned a lot and had American food prepared by Sister Egbert! And there were a lot of homies there too like Elders Jeppesen and Zeledon. 
1 Nephi 20:10 states For behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.
WE can apply this so many ways in our lives. The Lord permits us to have trials and to have "hard things" in our lives so we can learn from them and be prepared to fulfill HIS plans for us. He always loves us and is here for us. Challenges really are opportunities for us!"
More photos!!! Right:
Closing down the Cano's house with the district leaders. Sis Egbert made us french toast. It was so awesome! Below: Friends and old companions I got to see at the big meetings! :)

 Elder Martin has more great stories about people he is meeting and teaching. Carlos is one of them We will share his story next time since we are running long! Elder Martin is definitely loving his mission, working hard, studying, teaching,  and learning a lot! He is also helping others. We are glad for him and grateful for his example to us, efforts, sacrifice and hard work!
As always, thanks for your support and love!

Friendly Mailing Reminders
Please follow the guideline encouraged below as we had several packages rejected this week for many reasons... 
  • Please put the value of what is in the package/box under $49 US Dollars no matter the value. You may insure it for the cost of shipping too and when you make a claim for a lost package it usually shows up immediately.
  • If you put the value HIGHER than $49 there is a higher probability that they will charge fees for the box to be delivered which can run up to $100's of US dollars. We will NOT pay it even if your missionary has money and it will be rejected at the office or prior to delivery to the office.
  • Christmas Time is always a special time and though your missionary says "I don't need anything" or "I will buy myself something here" it is NOT the same as receiving a box from home. Please arrange on your calendar to have your holiday box sent by October 15th- November 1st. And mark it as such for we can store it for the holiday devotionals. We always encourage you to put pictures or stickers of Christ or the Virgin Mary as they tend to leave those alone. 
  • Please be very VAGUE on the packaging slip. DO NOT PUT "FOOD" as a listed item. "Candy" is better.... they won't deliver boxes with "FOOD" listed especially if it comes from DHL, UPS, etc.... They request we come down and open the box and go through every item with them which we cannot do. So we reject the box.
  • Use the Postal Service if possible- we have better luck in delivery though it can take from 3-6 weeks avg. for delivery.
  • And as always there are those boxes that never arrive. We apologize but we appreciate your efforts and so do your missionaries as it means a lot that you tried. We try to keep the attitude that if it is stolen in the process that who ever took it needed it way more than we did here in Pachuca and maybe their birthday or holiday was brighter because of that box. But 95% of them actually do arrive here safely. 
  • The address for mailing is:
  •  Mision Mexico Pachuca
  • %Elder or Hermana _____________ 
  • Boulevard Miguel Hidalgo Km 4.5
  • Col. Villas de Pachuca
  • CP 42083- Pachuca- Hidalgo, Mexico