Sunday, January 10, 2016

December 2015

¡Hola Familia!

Well, first, it was great to see everyone this past week. It seems very much like everybody is more or less the same, or hopefully improving every day! That´s good. 

This past week has been great! We found a wonderful, whole family who is excited to learn more about the gospel. They came to church and we are having a FHE with them today. There are a lot of people we tried to find, a lot of walking, a lot of people weren´t home, but it was nice to feel the Spirit of the season and embrace the Savior in our lives even more. I hope that we can continue with these feelings always, so that we may utilize the Atonement that will cause a change in each of  us. 

There isn´t too much to say then. I love you all! Keep on kicking! Happy New Year! I will send pictures someday! 

Con amor, Elder Martin


Hola, familia! 

First, don´t be alarmed, all is well, but I wasn´t able to email yesterday due to technical difficulties on the myldsmail page. Nobody was able to write. 

But it has been another great week! We had our ward christmas activity and a junk ton of investigators and other non members came. Lots of people that we are teaching have gone out of town and stuff, so it has been a little out of pace this week, but still with a lot to do. 

Ok, so I will be contacting you guys on skype on Friday! Super excited! I will be phoning in at 6 o'clock YOUR TIME (7'oclock here), and anybody who would like to be there is more than welcome. Obviously, the gparents have other grandkids out, so I totally understand. 

ugh, well, I had a nice thought planned out about the meaning of Christmas, but there really isn´t time. However, I want you all to recognize the importance of our Savior Jesucristo in our lives. He is the center of the plan for our salvation. Even though he was born to this world in a humble stable because there wasn´t room in any of the inns, He later went on to conquer both spiritual and physical death so that we might live lives full of hope and peace. May we all make room for Him in our lives and accept His atoning sacrifice so that we can change ourselves and conquer our everyday challenges. I know and testify that He lives and loves every one of us. I have both seen and experienced the power of the Atonement in my life. When we focus on this, we can have Christmas in its truest sense every day! That is what the mission has been like -- like Christmas every day (but away from my family and with a serious lack of pumpkin pie). But it´s seriously true. I am so grateful for this opportunity! 

Nos vemos el viernes. ¡Les amo!

-Elder Martin

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