Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Worth waiting for!

Finally! Elder Martins first email came! And. it was well worth the wait. Elder Martin sounds good. He writes in such detail and with such humor, I am just going to quote some of his letter word for word.    
Hey, I'm alive! It's been a busy first week here but I made it! Also, Wednesdays are my p-days (the days he gets to check his email). Thanks for the package and the Dearelder letters. 
It's  a totally different environment here, I am still getting used to things. It's not as different as I thought it would be though. I got assigned to be companions with Elder Jeppsen from Tremonton/Garland! So far he is awesome. Im our first branch meeting, I got assigned to be district leader. That has added a little bit of pressure, but I am trying my best. THe Spanish missionaries are at the MTC west at Raintree and Wyview.  We were living at Wyview but then someone decided to get    *dramatic pause  *
BED BUGS! Elder M from UAE, from our distict broke out in a rash yesterday. Since he was from another country, he had arrived early and stayed somewhere else the first night, and got bitten by bedbugs. After going to the Dr., the verdict was we needed to  move out immediately, spray things down and wash all of our clothes. Long story short, we were moved into Raintree by 1 am this morning. We were treated like 
LEPERS, but hey at least I got free dry cleaning.
ok. so at the MTC they give you way too much food. It's pretty good too. But, oh man, I hope I leave this place at normal weight. Im learning lots of Spanish. Elder Meeks is my new teacher and he only speaks in Spanish. I guess it helps me learn faster but I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. Right now we are teaching Gabby, and she only speaks to us in Spanish. It's crazy. I'm going on faith here, because honestly, who knows if I even make sense when I talk. 
I went to the temple today, and it was awesome. I'm so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity I have to serve the Lord. And, I have a great district! Hermanas Bunting, Stringfellow, and Anderson and Elders M, Lowry, Bragg, Haveron, Jeppsen and myself. I've only met two people going to Pachuca. It's awesome to see all the missionaries from different parts of the world. (buuuuttt a lot are from Utah)
Well, tell everyone at home I say hello! I miss you all and love you tons. The church is true!
                                                                                              Elder Kade Martin                                 

So glad he sounds so upbeat! Especially when he was probably itching all over just thinking he might get bedbugs........:) What a coincidence he is companions with Elder Jeppsen from Tremonton. We knew about him before Kade left. He graduated with Kooper, Kades cousin. They entered the MTC the same day and are both going to Pachuca the same time. What a blessing! 
 If you are wondering about the best way to write Kade, try They print the letters and deliver them within a day. Care packages too. The treats cost but the letters are free. The missionaries only have 30 minutes on p-day to read and respond to emails, so getting letters via dearelder or snail mail is actually preferred!
Thanks for your support! I'll try to post weekly. You are welcome to share too. :)

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