Monday, September 29, 2014

Excited to sing in General Conference!

Over 3 weeks have passed since Elder Martin entered the MTC. He only has 2 weeks left and then he flies out October 13 to MEXICO! His past couple of letters continue to be full of enthusiasm for all he is experiencing. Here are a few paragraphs from his letters......
"It's Wednesday and things are great here at the MTC. I received your package. The single pair of dad's garment bottoms were probably unnecessary though. Just sayin'. (oops. I thought he left them) ...Tell Psarker thanks for the ties.(he sent Kade his favorite one) I needed them!..Our devotional last night was Elder Richard G. Scott who talked about the importance of communicating with God with real intent."...The following week Kade said "Our devotional speaker was Elder M. Russell Ballard. I was dead center, 6th row, No big deal or anything. He didn't even have a talk prepared, but it was incredible. He directly answered some of the questions that I had.
"There are a lot of cool things that happen at the MTC every day. My only complaint is that time is going by too fast. I just saw the new missionaries being dropped off today. It was sort of sad :( But, it's cool to see so many missionaries. Any missionaries going spanish speaking will come to the MTC west. There are about 200 people here. We have decided main campus is overrated, though the food is delicious. At MTC west ...(formerly know as RAINTREE apartments-THE apartments Mike and I met at)...we are outside more, have real apartments, and we have the Creamery and Brighams Landing....It is slowly shrinking though since the influx of missionaries is fluctuating down and they will close it soon."
"Oh and I was selected for sure to be in the General Conference choir as a baritone. Practices cut into class time, but it's worth it to get to sing in GC Priesthood session!!!!"    Kade had told us the week before that he thought he might get this opportunity. The missionaries also attended the dedication of the Ogden temple. It sounds like his Spanish is coming along a little better "Estoy aprendar muchos espanol."
"It's my last week as district leader. The cool older district in our zone left this week, and we get 6 new Elders to replace them today. I am going to the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake City tomorrow morning to get my picture and thumbprints for my VISA. Hopefully everything works out. Some of the Argentine missionaries have been reassigned due to not receiving their VISAS."
Elder Martin ends his letters with a list of who wrote to him. Thank you all for your support. He really loves to hear from you! We sure miss him but are so happy he loves his mission so far. He made the comment that his life basically revolved around the gospel and food. It's no surprise he is loving it. Don't forget to watch for him singing during the Priesthood session. He said to tell you all Hi. and that the church is true! He also mentioned sending pictures soon. Can't wait!


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